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Food for Thought

We are here for you! Parenting Hacks offers a toolkit full of resources to support you on the journey of parenthood.
Water bending around balloon
Parenting Hacks

Bend Water

Fascinate your kids with the power of charged molecules as they make water bend!  WHAT TO GET: A balloon A source of running water  

Parent and child celebration
Parenting Hacks

Celebrate the Small Things!

Celebrating the small things can help keep your kid motivated, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps cultivate gratitude. Motivation can help kids

Kids working together
Parenting Hacks


We know that working on a team isn’t always easy. We witness kids disagreeing and personalities clashing. But it’s through teamwork that kids develop important

Happy child recycling
Parenting Hacks


We all want to raise our kids to be kind and conscientious, and recycling is a great way to develop those skills with very little effort.

get to do
Parenting Hacks

What do you GET TO do today?

If you or your kids are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, try this simple change in vocabulary. I get to do this!

Parenting Hacks

Helping with the Laundry

Helping around the house doesn’t need to be a chore, and helping with the laundry is a great way to get your kid started participating in household tasks. 

like or not like
Parenting Hacks

Like or Not Like

Would you like to create a space for open and honest communication with your kid? Using this method of uncovering what they like or do not like, will grow this valuable skill. 

Parenting Hacks


Kids love to collect things! Sometimes what kids treasure may not seem worth saving, but there are many benefits to supporting collections.

perfect day
Parenting Hacks

The Perfect Day

It can be fascinating to learn what your child thinks about, and in this fun activity, what they would do to create the perfect day!

reading days
Parenting Hacks

Reading Day

Some days are challenging when you are stuck indoors due to illness or adverse weather. Take these opportunities to enjoy a Reading Day with your kid!