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We are here for you! Parenting Hacks offers a toolkit full of resources to support you on the journey of parenthood.
Time capsule cylinder being buried
Parenting Hacks

Make Your Own Time Capsule

Imagine digging up a box filled with cool stuff from today, but years later! That’s exactly what a time capsule is for. It’s a message

Kids having fun while cooking
Parenting Hacks

Cooking Adventures with Kids

You and your little chefs can embark on a culinary adventure in your very own kitchen! Imagine laughter, teamwork, and the joy of creating something

Painted stone characters
Parenting Hacks

Story Stones

Making story stones is a fun and creative activity that also sparks kids’ imaginations and encourages storytelling!  Here’s how you can make your own.  Instructions: 

Girl writing letter
Parenting Hacks

Postcards of Kindness

Do you know someone who could use a little extra kindness? Maybe it’s a friend who’s feeling down, or a neighbor who’s been sick. Or

Child helping others
Parenting Hacks

Influential People

Have you ever wondered what it means to be an influential person? An influential person is someone who has made an impact on you or

Girls playing tea party
Parenting Hacks

Throw a Fun Tea Party for Kids!

Tea parties are a classic way to entertain kids of all ages. They’re a great way to get creative, practice manners and have fun!  You