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Food for Thought

Food for Thought is full of fascinating facts about ​science, news and important events to help educate and inform your young scientist.
close-up of snail on a branch
Food for Thought

Slugs and Snails: Slimy Superstars

Have you ever seen a slug or a snail? They’re both slimy creatures that live on land. Slugs don’t have shells, but snails do. Snails

Glacier river
Food for Thought

Glaciers: Nature’s Ice Giants

Glaciers are huge, slow-moving rivers of ice. They form when more snow falls in a place than melts each year. The weight of the snow

Parent and child orangutans
Food for Thought


Orangutans are amazing creatures that live in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. They are the largest tree-dwelling mammals in the world and the only

modern library interior
Food for Thought

Public Libraries: A Great Place for Kids

Public libraries are truly amazing places! They’re full of books, movies, music, newspapers, magazines and they are all free for everyone to use. Get a

Monarch Butterfly migration
Food for Thought

The Amazing Monarch Butterfly Migration

Butterflies are beautiful creatures with delicate, colorful wings that flutter through the air. But did you know that some butterflies travel long distances, and this

Foggy rainforest floor
Food for Thought


There are some very special forests found in wet areas of the world, they are called rainforests. Tropical rainforests are found close to the equator

Armillaria ostoyae growing on log
Food for Thought

Humongous Fungus

Most people think the blue whale is Earth’s largest known organism, but it isn’t. It’s a fungus! Oregon’s Malheur National Forest is home to a

Ant standing on leaf
Food for Thought

Mighty Ants

They may be small, but ants are incredibly powerful.  Here are some fun facts about these small but mighty ants!  There are over 12,000 ant