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Food for Thought

The Activity Lab has experiments, adventures, activities and DIY projects to inspire your young scientist.
Group conducting experiment
Activity Lab

Make Elephant Sized Toothpaste

Introduce your kid to the excitement of chemistry by showing how different things react, and how you can speed up those reactions with a catalyst! 

Water string experiment graphic.
Activity Lab

Pour Water Down a String!

Explore some of water’s fascinating molecular properties while seemingly defying gravity!  WHAT TO GET: Measuring cup Water Cup or glass Absorbent cotton string or yarn

Activity Lab

Make Colorful Glue Snowflakes

Wow your kids with a fun project that blends art & the chemistry of molecular bonds!    WHAT TO GET:   White or clear glue Disposable

disappear coin
Activity Lab

Make a Coin Disappear!

Introduce your kids to the magic of science with this easy, yet fascinating experiment! Make a coin disappear and learn about how light travels in waves.

egg bounce
Activity Lab

Bounce an Egg!

See chemistry in action when you dissolve an eggshell using vinegar in this simple at-home experiment for kids!

Activity Lab

Make a Snow Cone or a Snowman!

Show your kids just how ‘cool’ water can be, and make a treat at the same time! With these simple instructions you can make a snow cone or a snowman!

Activity Lab

Make Water Fill an Upside-down Glass!

Your kids will be amazed to see water move up and start to fill an upside-down glass, as you show them the power of air pressure and what creates a vacuum!