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If you’ve observed siblings, you’ve probably noticed them following each other around the house, borrowing toys (sometimes without asking!), and maybe even tattling on each other. Siblings are like built-in friends, and having one is like having a teammate in life, so let’s encourage that bond! 

brother and sister embracing

Older siblings can be personal superheroes, teaching younger kids cool tricks and showing them the ropes. Younger siblings can be great buddies, they always seem up for an adventure (even if it’s just building a blanket fort). 

We all know sometimes siblings can be annoying. But they also make the best playmates! They can play together, invent secret languages, or even create spontaneous, silly dance parties in the living room.


Here are some of the best things about siblings: 

    • Always someone to play with! No more waiting for friends to come over.  
    • Someone who understands you! Siblings see you at your best and worst. They know your favorite things and your silliest jokes. 
    • Someone who has your back! When things get tough, your sibling can be your biggest cheerleader. 


So next time you see one sibling bugging another, remind them that they’re also their partner in crime, their teammate, and probably their best friend! And even if your kid doesn’t have a born sibling, they most certainly will find a friend that feels as close as a brother or sister might!


Tips for Parents: 

    • Allow for time alone: everyone occasionally needs breaks & time alone. 
    • Create family traditions: movie nights, or board game tournaments. 
    • Share chores: shared tasks such as raking leaves, walking the dog. 
    • Encourage bonding activities: think about what they both enjoy. 
    • Plan family adventures: be creative, this could be small or big. 
    • Recognize their shared interests: a sport, or even a TV show they both like.