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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set


A SCIENCE KIT THAT INSPIRES – Your kids will have hours of fun as they explore the fizzy and bubbly reactions they create, just like a real scientist in a lab!

The National Geographic Mega Science Series Stunning Science Chemistry Set is a huge science set with 45 different experiments to try!This Kit Includes:- Sodium Bicarbonate- Citric Acid- Copper Sulfate- Red Cabbage Powder- Sodium Carbonate- Calcium Chloride- Pop Crystals- Vegetable Oil- 1 Bag of Plaster- 2 Test Tubes- 2 Balloons- 1 Foam Rocket- 1 Syringe- 1 Rubber Stopper- 2 Measuring Scoops- 1 Beaker- 1 Volcano Mold- 1 Stir Stick- 1 Paint Brush- 3 Colors of Paint- 1 Cup- 1 Cleaning Brush- 1 Resealable Bag- 1 Pair of Safety Glasses- 1 Pair of Gloves- 1 Experiment Tray- 1 Experiment Guide- 1 Book of 30 Bonus ExperimentsYour kids will be able to make a volcano, then make it erupt! And after that, they can make the eruption even more spectacular with pop crystals! They’ll create fizzing, bubbling, and frothing chemical reactions, erupt a geyser, and launch a rocket with gas. Plus a whole lot more!This chemistry kit gives kids everything they need for 15 experiments along with a bonus experiment guide that contains an additional 30 experiments, all using common household items.This phenomenal STEM kit gives kids the chance to experience the scientific process in a hands-on way, just like a real scientist! There are so many activities and experiments to try that they’ll be busy for hours, exploring the fascinating world of chemistry.Our experiment guide contains kid-friendly, easy-to-follow instructions, and insight into the science at work in each experiment.Get your Stunning Science Chemistry Set today!National Geographic Toys makes the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all products are backed by exceptional service.The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.