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The National Geographic Electricity and Battery-Making Kit lets kids build two functioning science projects: a potato clock with voltmeter, and a coin-powered flashlight! With this kit, kids will be able to: Construct and install the circuit components of a potato clock Build a “penny battery” from the ground up, Test the voltage of the potatoes powering the clock, Use the included flashlight with the battery they’ve built, Learn all about electricity and circuits. Kids get all the components they need to build a working potato clock, all they need is two potatoes! The clock also doubles as a voltmeter, so kids can see the voltage produced. This is a great science project for the classroom or a fun, at-home activity! After that, kids will get to build a battery from the ground up. Copper, magnesium, and cardboard “coins” are included in the kit along with a battery compartment and easy-to-follow instructions. Kids can then use the battery they’ve made to power their own flashlight! The detailed learning guide provides detailed insight into the science at work in the electrical circuits kids create. This is a fantastic STEM gift for girls and boys and a great way to inspire a love of building and science! National Geographic Toys makes the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all products are backed by exceptional service. The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.