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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Professional Rock Tumbler Kit– Extra Large Barrel


This professional rock tumbler turns rough rocks into beautifully polished gemstones, thanks to its simple operation and durable design. Kit includes one pound of rough rocks with 9 different types of gemstones inside, 5 jewelry fastenings, grit, strainer, and our innovative GemFoam polishing foam.

Take your rock tumbling and gemstone creation to the next level!

This Professional Rock Tumbler set from National Geographic has all the features and accessories you’ll need to master rock tumbling, start an extraordinary rock collection, and create beautiful jewelry!

Contents and Features: updated hour/day timer with settings up to 12 days; reliable, heavy-duty motor Redesigned leak-proof tumbler barrel; patented rollers that keep the barrel centered; LED user interface; 75% less noise than plastic tumblers; 1 lb. of rough stones; 4 levels of grit; 5 jewelry fastenings for creating your own unique pieces; GemFoam, the most innovative way to add dazzling shine to your polished stones.

The updated easy-set timer has settings for hours and days, and with three tumbling speeds, precise tumbling couldn’t be easier. When the time expires, your tumbler will automatically shut off, allowing you to dial-in the perfect amount of tumble time for each grit stage. The updated rollers boast a patented shape that keeps the barrel centered, while our redesigned tumbling barrel incorporates a layer of tire rubber that dampens sound, reducing noise by 75% over plastic tumblers!

This Professional Tumbler kit includes everything you need to start creating your own gorgeous gemstones right away. Along with 1 lb. of rough rocks, you get 4 bags of polishing grit, a newly-designed strainer that holds an entire barrel’s capacity, and 5 jewelry settings to turn your gems into wearable treasures. We also include GemFoam, our patented way to add dazzling shine to your polished rocks! Use GemFoam just like tumbling grit—simply add it to the barrel with your clean stones and water. Three days later, you’ll marvel at the shine! GemFoam is reusable too, allowing you to create a truly impressive gemstone collection!

Rock tumbling is an exciting hobby for adults and children alike and a fun, science-based, screen-free activity for the whole family to enjoy. Order your National Geographic rock tumbling kit today and get started on your collection!

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