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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Paint Marbling Arts & Crafts Kit


With this exciting arts & crafts kit, kids can easily make beautiful marbled paint designs, then transfer to the included paper sheets for framing and displaying! Their works of art also make great gifts for friends and family. Includes everything needed to create 12 unique pieces of art.

Create beautiful, swirling paint designs with this paint marbling craft kit!

With the National Geographic Paint Marbling Craft Kit, kids can create beautiful, swirling paint designs that float on water, then transfer them to paper for framing, displaying, or gifting!

  • Kit includes:
  • 12 sheets of paper
  • 3 packets of thickening powder
  • 6 colors of paint, 2 styluses, 1 dropper
  • 1 plastic tray
  • Learning Guide and easy-to-follow instructions


With the National Geographic Paint Marbling Craft Kit, kids can easily create 12 astounding works of marble paint art! First, they’ll set up a workstation by mixing their marbling solution. After the solution has a chance to sit for 6 hours, it’s time to add paints and create! Paint droplets float like magic on the water’s surface, allowing kids to use the included tools to bend, shape, and combine colors in unlimited ways. Once they’ve created the perfect design, simply dip the paper sheet into the water to transfer the design to paper. Once the paper has dried, kids will have beautiful artworks they can give as gifts or use for additional crafting activities. They can even frame their pieces and hang them on the walls at home!

For a fun, creative, and exciting craft activity, look no further than the National Geographic Paint Marbling Craft Kit! Order today!

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