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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Motorized Power Rocket


TAKE OUTDOOR FUN TO NEW HEIGHTS – Our rechargeable, motorized, patent-pending rocket toy soars up to 200 ft. with up to 20 flights on a single charge.

Take outdoor fun to heights up to 200 feet!

National Geographic is taking outdoor fun to heights up to 200 feet with the motorized Power Rocket, an exciting and innovative new way for kids to experience the wonder of flight!

The Power Rocket is no ordinary model rocket–with its powerful electric motor, it can launch up to 200 feet in the air! Unlike a traditional stomp rocket, the Power Rocket’s electric motor is self-powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing up to 20 launches on a single charge.

The Power Rocket science kit from National Geographic includes everything you need, including: Power Rocket with rechargeable battery, rocket launch pad, charging cable, 3 decals to customize your rocket, and detailed instructions & Learning Guide.

Recharging your Power Rocket is easy using the included cable. At just 30 minutes to fully recharge, and with up to 20 launches per charge, the National Geographic Power Rocket kit will quickly become a favorite for outdoor and backyard fun!

Launching the Power Rocket couldn’t be easier. Once fully charged, simply place the rocket on the included launcher, then press the launch button one, two, or three times to set your flight time. Then, step back and prepare for launch! Once the Power Rocket reaches its apex, its rotor blades release, bringing it back to the ground safely and gently. And with up to 20 launches per charge, kids will enjoy sending the Power Rocket up again and again.

National Geographic also includes a detailed Learning Guide that teaches kids about the science behind flight, aerodynamics, and space.

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