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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Magic Set – 75 Magic Tricks


CLASSIC MAGIC KIT PROPS – Kids will learn the techniques behind many famous magic tricks, including illusions that use cups and balls, a false thumb tip, the ball and vase, an illusion box, a mysterious coin case, and a magic wand.

The National Geographic Mega Magic Set is packed with more than 75 magic tricks for kids to perform! With this magic kit, kids will be able to: make coins, balls, and cards disappear and reappear; levitate a squiggly worm; make a card balance on the back of their hand; turn a dollar bill into a handkerchief; turn a handkerchief back into a dollar bill; amaze audiences with optical illusions ; perform a wide variety of sleight of hand card tricks; magically push spikes through a coin; learn about the fascinating science behind many of the tricks and perform an unforgettable magic show! They’ll also receive detailed instructions for each trick. The kit contains an illustrated instruction booklet but also contains a special link to online video instructions, provided by a professional magician! He provides the secrets behind each trick, showing the step-by-step techniques needed to successfully perform each illusion. He also gives performance tips so kids can refine their magic skills! This kids magic kit is packed with classic magician’s props, two specialized card decks, and a fascinating learning guide with insight into the history of magic and the different types of magic kids can see today. Kids will also learn about the science behind optical illusions, misdirection, and more! Get the National Geographic Mega Magic Kit today! National Geographic Toys makes the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all products are backed by exceptional service. The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.