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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Craft Kits for Kids – Crystal Growing Kit


You’ll be amazed at the beautiful crystals that blossom on the trees of your National Geographic Crystal Garden! Combine your artistic creativity with science! This crystal growing set allows you to color your crystal trees any way you want with the included watercolor markers. Once you place the trees in the crystal growing solution, you will see as crystals start to form like magic, within minutes! Crystals will take on the colors you’ve chosen for your trees, so don’t be afraid to get creative! This Kit Includes: 3 Tree Bases, 2 Cherry Trees, 1 Evergreen Trees, 5 Washable Markers, 3 Packs of Crystal Growing Liquid, 1 Instruction Booklet, 1 Genuine Geode Specimen, full-color learning guide, packed with facts about crystal growth and more. This is a fantastic toy for creative and curious boys and girls, a great science kit gift, or STEM project. The fast-growing crystals make this an exciting crystal growing kit because you’ll see results quickly, plus if your crystals fall off, simply add them back to the tree base with a little water and regrow your tree! National Geographic Toys is proud to provide only the highest quality products, each backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence. About the National Geographic Society: With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.