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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 100-Piece Makeway Magnetic Marble Run


The National Geographic 100-Piece Makeway Magnetic Marble Run STEM Building Set brings a new level of excitement to building a marble maze! With its innovative magnetic connectors, kids and adults alike can build, create and explore engineering on any magnetic surface. This STEM marble run set provides everything you need: – 33 magnetic connectors – 26 track pieces – 19 trick pieces: 8 U-turns, 2 Funnels, 2 Spinners, 2 Switches, Pole, Fork, Bell, Flip, and Catapult – 20 marbles – Magnetic board with suction cups – Storage bag – Detailed instructions & fact-filled Learning Guide Explore physics and engineering with the 8 different types of tracks and 19 trick pieces, creating astonishing chain reactions and intricate paths for your marbles! Just select a combination of track, trick and connector pieces and arrange them creatively on any magnetic surface (or the included magnetic board). Place a marble at the beginning of the course and watch it make its way down your maze. As you experiment and create, simply move the pieces to make adjustments, add new pathways or build new obstacles. The connectors are sturdy yet easy to move around, eliminating frustration for younger users as they build and fine-tune their track. Each track and trick has its own unique properties, but how to set them up is completely up to you—the possibilities are endless! The Makeway Magnetic Marble Run isn’t your ordinary marble maze. From the kitchen to the office, it’s an engineering kit with a Rube Goldberg machine style of play that’s super fun and satisfying. It’s also a fun, collaborative way to connect with family, friends and co-workers! Its unique design also means less clutter on the floor, with a handy, durable storage bag to keep all your pieces and marbles safe and secure. Order the National Geographic 100-Piece Makeway Magnetic Marble Run today, and experience the infectious, kinetic fun of this one-of-a-kind STEM building set! National Geographic Toys makes the highest qua