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Treasure Hunts! A Fun and Educational Activity for Kids


Treasure hunts are a great way to get kids excited about exploring and using their problem-solving skills. They can be played anywhere, indoors or outdoors. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want and are fun for all ages! 

Parent and child exploring

  • First, choose a location. The location should be somewhere that has some interesting features that they can explore. A park, a backyard, or even your own house can all be great places for a treasure hunt. Just make sure that it’s a place where kids can find it without getting hurt. 
  • Set a theme. Choosing a theme can make it more fun and engaging for kids. The theme could be pirates, adventurers, superheroes, or art. Use your imaginations! 
  • Create clues. The clues should be challenging, but not impossible for kids to solve. You can use riddles, puzzles, or even simple directions to lead kids to the next clue. 
  • Hide the treasure. Once you have created your clues, you need to hide the treasure. Be sure to hide it in a place that is safe and accessible for kids, but also that will take them a little while to find. 
  • Let the hunt begin! Once you have hidden the treasure, it is time to let the kids loose. Give them the first clue and let them have fun exploring and solving puzzles. They’ll use their problem-solving skills to find the next clue, and the next, until they finally find the treasure! 


Here are some additional tips for making your hunt extra fun: 

  • Involve the kids in planning the hunt. Let kids help you choose a location, set a theme, and create clues. This will make them more excited. 
  • Make the treasure something special. The prize at the end of the hunt should be something that kids will really want to find. 
  • Have fun! Remember if you’re having fun, the kids will too. 


Treasure hunts are a great way to get kids thinking and exploring. So next time you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids, plan a treasure hunt!