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The Perfect Day


It can be fascinating to learn what your child thinks about, and in this activity, what they would do to create the perfect day! This fun and simple activity allows them to let their imaginations run wild, while also providing you with valuable insight into their thoughts. Grab a pen & paper and get started. Encourage them to describe every detail to uncover what they cherish about their choices.

You may be surprised to learn that the perfect day to them might include simpler things than you thought. Do they describe a waffle with strawberries for breakfast, or a walk in the park while holding hands? Propose a budget (or two) when brainstorming with older kids to help frame the choices. The financial challenge can be part of the fun! Make sure you also create one with a no rules at all to allow their imaginations to soar. Now that you know what they would like, is the day something you can actually plan to do? Can you adapt the dream into reality for them?

Now it’s your turn! Share your idea of a perfect day with your kid too, and allow them to help you make it a reality. You may also surprise yourself with the simplicity of the things that come to mind. Perhaps you could even collaborate to include parts of each and make your adventure together the perfect day.

Spending time communicating with your kids is so wonderful. With this activity, kids will benefit from you listening to their ideas, supporting their imaginations, and they will feel valued by your interest! That is a perfect day.

perfect day