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The Gift of Failure: Celebrating our Mistakes!


We have all made mistakes and felt the frustration of failure.  As parents, we can teach our kids the great news that those flops, fumbles and fantastic fails are actually awesome! Failing is like a secret training ground for awesomeness. It might feel yucky at first, like a deflated bouncy ball, but it’s packed with hidden power-ups. 

child picking bike up and trying again

Here’s why failing is awesome: 

  1. It’s a learning boost! Every time you stumble, you learn something new. 
  2. It builds resiliency! Imagine falling off a bike. When you fall, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and pedal even harder next time. Failing makes you stronger.
  3. It sparks creativity! When things don’t go as planned, it’s time for Plan B. Failing gets your brain buzzing with new ideas, making you a super-creative problem solver.
  4. It makes you a better teammate! No one aces everything alone. Sometimes, you need your friends to help you pick up the pieces and laugh with you. Failing reminds you that everyone stumbles, and that’s what makes teamwork so awesome!


So next time you mess up something, remember that you’re not a failure, you’re a master of learning and growing. You’re unlocking secret superpowers, building grit muscles, and sparking creativity like a firework factory. So go ahead, embrace the flops, laugh at the mess-ups, and remember: 

The coolest adventures start with a little bit of failure!