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We know that working on a team isn’t always easy. We witness kids disagreeing and personalities clashing. But it’s through teamwork that kids develop important life skills like problem-solving, listening and leadership. Teamwork also helps develop higher levels of self-confidence, empathy and compassion. Practice some of these easy teamwork tips with your kids! 


Kids working together


Sign kids up for organized group activities. Getting your kids involved in group activities that include collaboration is a great way to teach them the value of teamwork! These include team sports, chess club, dance class, or volunteer work, to name just a few. 

Play games together! Find and play games that embrace group socialization. Parents can organize the games based on the age of the kids. It could be anything from a board game or puzzle to a complex scavenger hunt. 

Share positive examples. This can easily be done by sharing carefully selected movies and books about working together! Don’t forget to talk about what positive things you each noticed. 

Teach kids to encourage others. Compliment your kids when they cheer for fellow teammates and praise their friends on their accomplishments. You can even discuss how good it feels to be supported by others and to be kind. 

Lead by example at home. Model adult cooperation with family and friends. Teach your kids that a successful household thrives because of everyone’s cooperation. Do chores together starting at a young age. Listen carefully to each other. Praise any effort you see of working together among family members, even things as simple as taking turns or sharing.