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Reading Day


Some days are challenging when you are stuck indoors due to illness or adverse weather. Instead of letting it get you down, take these opportunities to enjoy a Reading Day!

Reading opens the doors to imagination. The benefits to ourselves and our kids are numerous. It’s fun to learn about new things. The benefits include: growing a larger vocabulary; better academic performance; increased empathy; a deeper understanding of our world; improved concentration; and of course imaginations grow.

So, give it a try! Announce to your kids that the day will be spent enjoying a reading day- ALL DAY!  Most kids won’t believe their good luck, and will quickly scurry to grab their books of choice. If your kids are smaller, help them choose a pile of books they want to read with you.

reading days
  • If you are working towards encouraging reading skills, take it up a notch and create a “bookworm” by cutting out big circles from construction paper and tracking their progress!  Add a big happy face and pipe cleaner antennae on one of the circles and tape him up on the wall.  Each time your kid reads a book (or you read one to them), write down the title and author of the story and add it to the caterpillar’s body. See how long of a caterpillar you can make! 
  • Take the time to find a cozy reading spot, add soft blankets or pillows, and provide some snacks. 
  • Taking a trip to the library would also be a fun addition to the day. 
  • At mealtimes, stop and discuss what you’re reading and what you each like about it. 
  • Remember kids are very observant, they learn a lot by watching us, so make sure they see you reading too!