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Painting With Bubbles


Doing art activities with your kids is a great way to have some relaxing fun while fostering creativity and experimentation. No specific art skills are required to paint with bubbles so have everyone join in!  

Painting made with bubbles

Setting up: 

  1. This activity is best done outside, since bubbles move freely. 
  2. Place a vinyl tablecloth on a table outside, for easy clean-up. 
  3. Pour bubble solution into shallow containers. 
  4. Add washable watercolors, or non-toxic tempura paint, to the bubble solutions. 
  5. Lay a large piece of paper, or several smaller ones, on the table. Alternatively, you could place paper directly on a grassy area. 


Dip your bubble wands into the bubble solutions and gently blow over the paper.  It will take a little experimentation to see what works best, see what happens when you get closer, or farther, using gentle or stronger blowing. Littler kids will be using fine motor skills as they learn to gently blow bubbles over the paper.  

You can also use regular straws dipped in the bubble solutions for different effects. Just be sure your kid is old enough to know they have to blow-out only! 

Painting with bubbles is an easy to do art project, with really beautiful results. Your kids are going to love it!