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Music Exploration


Music is a wonderful way to express ideas and feelings. Moving to music is irresistible to kids, and so is singing. No doubt your kid has burst into song when they’re feeling joyful. All of the performing arts are an excellent way to communicate your feelings, and music is truly universal, so begin your music exploration today! 

Father Daughter Dance


Spontaneous music can easily be inspired by your surroundings: the sounds we hear from weather, cars, trains or even a leaky faucet can get us moving or clapping a rhythm! 

Movement with music can be another area of music exploration. Encourage your kid to move to the music, instead of using words to express their feelings. Rhythm is natural, and when we encourage self-expression through movement, we all feel good. There is no right way or wrong way to move to the beat! 

Creating instruments is easier than you think and is a great way to further your musical exploration. You can use everyday items from around your house. Try stretching a few rubber bands over a cup or bowl to pluck or strum. Pour water into a few different sized glasses and tap them gently with a wooden spoon. You could use metal containers instead of glass and discuss the differences in sound. Many household items can become drums or drumsticks. Perhaps you even have some bells on hand. 

Music exploration is such an enjoyable pastime, but it also carries great benefits. Research says music can enable a child’s brain to develop faster, and it has also shown that listening to music helps kids develop math skills. Both are studies in patterns of rhythm and timing. Music can enhance reasoning skills, as it stimulates those regions of the brain. Often people who are good at math, are also good at music. 

Exposing your kid to different kinds of music to discover what they enjoy is a great family activity, so enjoy some wonderful music together.