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Magic Bag: Imaginative Play


Magic bag is the play anywhere imagination game, that is sure to illicit laughter and can be played with one kid or a bunch! 

magic bag

This game is acted out with someone starting by placing a imaginary bag on the floor. Take your time with the bag as it sets the tone, roll the sides down, express your excitement at discovering what could be in there.

Now taking turns, have someone slowly reach into the magic bag and pull something (imaginary) out. Starting with an apple is a good way to introduce the game. You can polish it on your sleeve, rub your tummy and take a big juicy bite. Don’t forget to wipe the juice off your chin! The others in the group will try to guess what you have pulled out of the bag.

You can choose a theme, like foods or animals or go freeform. Imagine watching a small child pull out a giant elephant! There are no limits to the imagination with the magic bag game. You get the idea, now go have fun!