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Indoor Picnic


Surprise your kids when the weather isn’t nice enough to go outside with an indoor picnic!  It can be nostalgic and joyful to eat the kinds of summer foods you might normally pack if you can find them, during the colder months of the year.  Here are some picnic suggestions to liven up the dark winter nights: 

Family sitting on the floor playing games


First, move the furniture back and spread out your picnic blanket. You can add pillows, which makes it even more comfy. Go ahead and pack that picnic basket to bring to the center of your blanket.  Discovering and revealing the foods you’ve tucked inside is part of the fun. Make sure to include foods that can be eaten with your hands! Finger foods such as: sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and crackers all work nicely. Since it might be chilly, a warm grilled cheese sandwich would be nice to include. Using cups with lids will eliminate worrying about spills! How about baking some hand pies to bring back the memories of plentiful summer berries or peaches?  The good news is you won’t have to worry about ants! 

Take this time together to discuss summertime. Does anyone have a favorite memory from summers past? What things do you look forward to doing every summer? Share what summers were like when you were a kid! How have things changed, and how are they still the same?  Daydream, reminisce and plan future summer fun together. 

When you’re all through eating, you can enjoy playing a board game or cards together, extending that fun time for everyone on the picnic blanket.  

Lastly, go ahead and acknowledge that the