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What do you GET TO do today?


If you or your kids are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, try this simple change in vocabulary!  Each time you find yourself saying (or thinking) I HAVE TO… change it to I GET TO…  When you change how you approach a task with this new phrase, you will find yourself feeling less obligated and more grateful.  It works great for kids too! I have to go to school, becomes… I get to go to school.  This change in mindset will also inspire wonderful conversations about different opportunities people encounter. What do you get to do today?

Give this trick a try and see if you experience a change in how you feel. What may have previously been considered obligations, can start to feel more like opportunities with this simple change in mindset! Think about this example: I have to go pick my kid up from school. Now consider the change to: I get to go pick my kid up from school. In this example, you may find yourself suddenly looking forward to all the fun things your kids will share about their day. Of course you already enjoy these things, but by using this positive way of speaking and thinking about the things you do in a day, you can increase your feelings of joyfulness.

We often have a lot to do, so a mindful practice of being grateful for all of those things we get to do is a wonderful way to stay positive! What do you get to do today? Start the day by asking your kids this simple question and enjoy the benefits.

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