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Five Awesome Imaginative Play Activities!


You know your kid has an awesome imagination, but did you know how important it is for them to use it? Imagination is a way for your kid to explore concepts, how things work, and think abstractly about things they may not have experienced yet. Not only does this build confidence, it’s fun! 

Here are five awesome activities you can try with your kid today. They do all the work, and you get to be the audience! 

1. Make a Culinary Masterpiece 

As a parent, you spend a lot of time trying to expose your kid to new (healthy) foods to expand their palate. Let them turn the tables! Ask them to put together a menu to serve to you. They can write down their ideas, or (if you are feeling especially brave), take them with you to the grocery store and have them select a handful of ingredients (start with the produce section) and then help them bring their ultimate meal to life at home.    

2 Invent a World-Changing Machine 

Your kid is a smart cookie. Ask them to create a machine that will fix one of the biggest problems they see in the world! Not only will they articulate some of their own concerns, but they can then problem solve and build confidence through the process! Have them show you how it works and give them a big high-five for making the world a better place. 

3. Create the Perfect House 

No matter how great your house is, it is nowhere near as cool as what your kid can dream up! Ask them to draw out the perfect house (and yard!) for your family. Do they add pets? Rocket elevators?  

4. Create the Next Adventure 

Ask your kid to create a new adventure for their favorite character from a book or show they love, using props and toys from around the house. As they integrate several known characters into a new setting, their mind works fast (and creatively) to imagine how the characters’ personality traits would come out for some awesome empathy! 

5. Run Your Own Store 

Going to the store is a big deal for many kids, so imagine how exciting it would be to run their own store! What would they sell, where would it be located, and how would they lay it out?  

As you can see, even the most mundane thing can be amazing when it’s designed by your kid! In their imagination they are in complete control. They feel confident and empowered even as they are tackling real-time problems presented by the activity, and pride in seeing it through!