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Confidence in Kids 

As parents, we all want our kids to grow up feeling confident in life. There are many simple ways we can encourage and grow confidence in kids. Here are some tips for you to try! 

Encourage kids to try new things 

Kids can do amazing things, whether it’s ballet, playing soccer or even packing their own backpack. When a child does well at something, tell them! Kids who are praised for doing well, carry that confidence over into trying more new things. They won’t be great at everything, but don’t forget to praise their efforts, so they keep trying. 

Parent cheering on child playing chess


Don’t get upset about mistakes 

Remember that failure is just a part of learning. Remind them and show them that you love them no matter what. This can also be a great time to teach your kid to express their feelings in a calm and comfortable way. Remember it’s okay to need to blow off steam sometimes, as long as no one gets hurt. Staying calm in difficult situations comes with maturity and practice.  

Expect them to pitch in 

Kids can do jobs around the house, even kids as young as two! You may want to choose a job they’re already showing an interest in to get them started, maybe it’s folding washcloths or placing napkins at the table. As they age, their responsibilities will grow with them, as well as their confidence in completing a job. It never hurts to call certain jobs ‘special’ as this further boost their confidence as they were chosen for that special task. 

Accept imperfection 

Encourage them to challenge themselves and provide opportunities where they will succeed. Celebrate small and large accomplishments. Create a wall of fame where you can proudly display trophies, badges, great grades or artwork.  Having this reminder in the house can give your kid a boost. 

Play with your kids 

Playtime can be one of the best investments you make in raising a confident kid.  The more interest you show in what they’re doing, the more interested they will be in doing things with you when they’re older.