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Kids love to collect things! You likely find treasures in their pockets every time you do the laundry. Sometimes what kids treasure may not seem worth saving to us, but there are many benefits to supporting their desire to build collections, besides their obvious joy! 

Here are some great reasons to encourage your child’s desire to collect ‘treasures’. 

Collections can be just the thing to spark an interest, which then becomes research into learning more. They will spend time reading, sorting, and talking about their collections. This will grow their knowledge, as well as build organizational skills. 

Talking about their collections with other kids can help them build friendships, and develop communication skills as they share the stories of where each treasure was found. 

Having a collection means caring for it, and that encourages responsibility! They will want to store them carefully, so they don’t get lost or broken. You can encourage this by providing them with a special collection box. 


Many valuable lessons can be learned from collecting, so ask your kid about the things they pick up and are interested in, so you can discover what kind of collections most appeal to them! 

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