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Building Forts


Forts have always been a part of childhood! Building forts and creating spaces that are uniquely their own is a wonderful part of development, as well as a fun physical activity! As parents, we can even support and encourage activities like reading, by having kids create a fort designed for it. 

Happy kids in blanket fort


The things to remember, as our kids rearrange our furniture, creating beautiful messes in our previously clean rooms are: 

  • Building forts fosters creativity. 
  • They are a safe and cozy place for your kids. 
  • Forts provide an imaginative world. 
  • Enclosed spaces allow for a peaceful change from their busy days, reducing stress. 
  • Forts are somewhat secretive, allowing a sense of privacy. 


During times of stress, such as changes in routine, as happened during our recent stay-at-home period, kids needed a way to step out of reality, and forts provided a great outlet! Without familiar routines, kids need to feel in control of something.  An imaginative world that they create feels safe & predictable. 

To nourish your relationship with your kid, make sure you remember that in forts, children are in charge! Parents can help build or enter, but only if they are invited. Parents and kids feed off each other so enjoying their special space on their terms will make for a more joyful experience for both of you. 

Now go build a fort! Unsure of how to begin? Take a look at our fort kits and get inspired.