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Bathtime Fun!


Kids can get pretty dirty after a day of exploring, and that’s good for them!  Here are some simple ideas to help you get them cleaned up, enjoy some great bathtime fun, and all while learning!

Bring in some different sized containers. Try measuring cups or funnels to learn about volume, capacity and displacement. Fill an empty bottle and then predict if the same amount of water will fit a different sized container. Develop fine motor skills in littler kids by allowing them to scoop up water and then transfer it to a larger container.  


You can make bathtub paint by mixing a couple drops of food coloring into shaving cream. Simply rinse off when your little artist is done. 

Build with bubbles! How tall of a structure can your kid build? A bubble wand can help with this challenge. 

Spray bottles are another a great way to help those fine motor skills as they work to squeeze the trigger. For older kids, they can aim for a target!  

Sponges fascinate kids, let them experiment with absorbing the water out of a container, then squeezing it out. You can also cut-out shapes from sponges to use as story starters. 

Develop language skills by narrating what you are doing, then pausing in spots to allow your kid to fill in the missing words. “This shampoo’s bubbles are to wash your ____!”  

Small plastic watering cans are a terrific way to explore water, and can also be used by your kids to “shower” their preferred toy at bathtime. 

Ice fishing uses any sort of strainer, maybe even the baskets from your strawberries, and ice cubes. Drop a few ice cubes into the water and see if your kid can catch them! Older kids can also learn about melting, watching a solid turn into a liquid.  

Cook up some imagination soup! Kids are incredibly creative, and listening to them narrate the ingredients they are adding to their soup is pure silly fun. Don’t forget to have them mix it up once everything is added! 

Foam Letters can be a wonderful addition to bathtime, as you start to associate letters with their sounds. Try letting your kid make up words and then you sound them out for them! 

Bathtime fun makes getting cleaned up more enjoyable for everyone. Beyond learning, you are also developing your emotional bond during these interactions, so be sure to give lots of cuddles and praise!