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Art in Teams


Here is a fun activity you can do with your kid! Create art in teams as you paint a picture together that you can display proudly.  

Mother and Daughter Painting

Try this with or without basic guidelines, but an agreed-upon topic can be helpful if it’s your first time collaborating! One person will paint, then after a timer goes off, the paintbrush will be handed over to the next person who adds more detail to the painting, then back again. Multiple people could collaborate to create art in teams, very much like a relay race. 

So first, decide what you’re painting. You might choose an ocean, a field of flowers, a whale or even a spaceship. Let your kid decide!  

Then, gather your materials and a timer. Using a timer is helpful since it can be hard to gauge when to stop, or to hand-off to the next person. Be sure to give compliments to each other as the art progresses. It isn’t about getting it right, but about the creation and working together towards a finished piece. 

You will have to decide together when the piece is complete, or you could set an agreed-upon deadline, perhaps the total activity cannot take longer than 30 minutes, with exchanges happening every 5 minutes. 

After you’ve completed your first team art piece, celebrate the teamwork it took to get there! Discuss what features each of you contributed that you like. Ask what feelings they had during the process, did having a timer add stress? Should the time allotment be adjusted next time?  Brainstorm ideas for future topics. 

Don’t forget to autograph and date your work of art.