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The Amazing Monarch Butterfly Migration


Butterflies are beautiful creatures with delicate, colorful wings that flutter through the air. But did you know that some butterflies travel long distances, and this migration is done every year? Monarch butterflies are one of the most famous migrating butterflies. 

Monarch Butterfly migration

Monarch butterflies live in North America. In the summer, they live in northern United States and in Canada. But in the winter, they fly all the way to Mexico! This is a very long journey for such a small creature, but the monarchs amazingly always find their way back. 

Monarch butterflies start their migration in the fall. They fly south as a group, using the sun’s position in the sky to help them navigate during their migration. They also use landmarks, such as mountains and rivers, to help them find their way. 

When the monarchs reach Mexico, they find a place to spend the winter. They cluster together in trees, where they stay warm and safe from the cold. In the spring, the monarchs start their journey back north. They lay eggs along the way, and the new monarchs join the migration. 

The monarch butterfly migration is an amazing feat of nature! It is a journey that has been happening for millions of years. These monarchs can find their way back to the same place every year, even though they have never been there before! 

We can help the monarch butterflies by planting milkweed plants in our gardens, because milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterflies lay their eggs on. We can also help by reducing the use of pesticides, which can harm butterflies. 

The next time you see a butterfly, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and its amazing ability to fly such long distances. 

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