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Rock Types


Kids and adults are fascinated by rocks! Kids are always picking them up and bringing them over for you to inspect. Here are some rocking fun facts you can share with them about rock types! 

Rocks fall into 3 main categories or rock types: 

  • Igneous Rock– Formed when magma or lava from deep inside the Earth cools and hardens. This can be in the form of lava which comes to the surface during a volcanic eruption, or beneath the Earth’s surface as magma cools underground.  
  • Sedimentary Rock– Formed by layers and layers of sediment which are the result of erosion and deposition, that are then compacted and cemented together due to pressure. These sediments can include other rocks, as well as biological debris like plants, shells, and bones, or even chemical precipitates (like the salt that is left behind after water evaporates from seawater). Fossils are found in this type of rock. 
  • Metamorphic Rock– Rocks that change from one type to another through a combination of immense pressure and heat that is just enough to change them without melting them. 

The rock cycle illustrates how rocks are constantly changing from one type to another! 

rock cycle

Rock collecting can be a great way for kids to learn more about the world around them. Rock kits are a great way to support their interest and help them learn more about earth.