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A.I. Made Art


A.I. or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is when computers do things that are more normally done with human intelligence. A computer system that is able to do tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as reasoning or decision-making would be considered A.I. Recently, A.I. made art won an art competition in Colorado, USA and it has sparked debate over whether this should be allowed. Let’s learn more! 

AI generated fantasy forest


A.I. made art has been around for many years, but tools recently released have made it possible for anyone to create really complicated works of art just by typing a few words into a text box! All you do is type in a set of words and the A.I.’s neural network creates an image to match. Information about each word is collected from the internet, so pictures can be very realistic and sometimes pretty bizarre too! 

Because A.I. can analyze information much faster than humans, it can create a piece of art in minutes compared to the days it might take through more traditional methods. These tools have made many human artists nervous about their futures, and sparked debates about the ethics of A.I. made art, with some artists claiming this is a form of plagiarism.  

You should know that controversy over new art-making technologies isn’t new. Painters in the 19th century were not happy with the invention of the camera, and in the 20th century, digital editing tools were also criticized because they did not require the skill of trained artists. It will be interesting to see what develops on this fascinating topic!