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Make an Instrument


Music and movement are fun for all ages, so here are a few ways to make an instrument with your kids! 

Homemade maraca



Place a few popcorn kernels into a plastic Easter egg.  Tape 2 plastic spoons, curved side in towards the curved egg, and let your kid decorate the tape with markers or stickers. 


Spin Drums 

Save a few small ribbon spools once you’ve used the ribbon for another project.  Poke a small hole into the edge and insert a paper straw or other small handle. Glue in place with a bit of glue. Now take a small piece of twine, and thread two beads on it. Tie the ends, then glue the twine across the middle of the ribbon spool, allowing one bead to hang off of either side. These beads will beat the drum when spun. 


Balloon Drums 

Cut a balloon and stretch across the top of an empty can. Glue in place with a decorate ribbon, or simply hold in place with a rubber band.  


Paper Plate Tambourine 

Pole holes evenly around the outer edge of the plate, then string some small bells through the holes, using twine or yarn to tie in place.  



You can use two pot lids for a loud sound, or make this paper plate version!  Glue small coins or washers around the inside edges of two sturdy paper plates.  Add a couple of yarn handles through the center of each for kids to hold on to, and listen to the soft sound of the coins or washers clanging together. 


Glass Sound Jars 

Fill a random number of glasses or jars with varying amounts of water and tap lightly with a spoon to create a melody of music. 


Now that you’ve got some ideas, you will be making instruments using all sorts of materials.