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Epic Forts Build Guide

What will you build?

Advanced Builds

Parts Guide

Ball Assembly Instructions

Tips & Tricks

  1. Watch the Tips & Tricks video before you begin building!!!
  2. Twist as you push or pull pieces together or apart. 
  3. Insert and twist the Extender Piece to lock into the hub piece. This creates a right angle piece. Snap the hemisphere pieces onto the ends to create a Ball Assembly for an 18 point piece! (See above diagram).
  4. Try building on a carpet or a large blanket because pieces can slip around on hardwood floors.
  5. Group all the separate types of pieces together in piles before you build so you always know how many of each type you have left.
  6. If you’re building a really big fort, try building smaller sections one at a time. Once you have those built, you can connect them all together.
  7. Look closely at all your pieces. There are flexible ones, rigid ones, and different pole lengths. Each of these pieces has its own special characteristics which can help you as you build. With a little practice and imagination, you’ll be an expert builder in no time!