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National Geographic Rock, Mineral & Fossil 2021 Advent Calendar


Kids love rocks, gems, and fossils, and this exciting Christmas countdown calendar will give them a new specimen to add to their collection each day as the holiday approaches. The fun and excitement culminate on the final day, as kids unearth a shimmering Quartz Point from the included mini dig brick.

This educational take on a classic holiday tradition includes the following rocks, gems, and fossils:

  • Agate, Green Aventurine, Desert Rose, Geode
  • Tiger’s Eye, Snowflake Obsidian, Pyrite, Blue Quartz
  • Crinoid, Brachiopod, Orthoceras, Bi-Valves, Pink Gastropod, Clam
  • Indigo Gabbro, Red Agate, White Urchin, Coral
  • Rose Quartz, Amethyst
  • Red, Black and Green Spotted Jasper
  • Black Urchin
  • Quartz Point (in dig brick)
  • Identification sheet with facts on each specimen
  • Dig tool, brush, magnifying glass, and pouch for storing their treasures

Rock and mineral collecting is a fascinating and popular hobby kids love, and the 2021 National Geographic Advent Calendar is a great introduction for boys and girls with an interest in geology. They’ll love collecting and learning about these premium rock, fossil and mineral specimens that were formed over millions of years!

Put a scientific twist on the holidays this year with the National Geographic Rock, Mineral & Fossil Advent Calendar!